If you’re managing a large amount of business calls on a regular basis, this expansion module is the perfect user-friendly addition to the Yealink T27G IP phone. The device includes 20 additional dual-color programmable buttons that support essential calling functions like speed dialing and call parking.



Ooma: Yealink Expansion Module

SKU: OomaYaelink-EXP20
    • 20 dual color, LED programmable buttons
    • 160 x 320 graphic LCD with backlight
    • Icons to visualize features like call parking or speed dialing
    • A stand with two adjustable angles

    Additional info:

    • This device is compatible with the Yealink T27G IP phone: The Yealink EXP20 cannot operate on its own and must be connected to this phone to function.
    • Up to two EXP20 Expansion Modules can be powered directly by the Yealink T27G.
    • A power supply (ordered separately) is required if using more than two EXP20 modules.
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