Terms and Conditions

1. Acceptance: This offer may only be accepted on the exact terms set forth herein. No additional terms or modifications in the acceptance shall be agreed to unless such agreement is in writing
signed by an authorized representative of trispective, LLC.
2. Terms of Payment: Payment due date is set forth on the front of invoice. By default, if not specified, payment is due 10 days from invoice date. All unpaid invoices shall bear interest at an
amount of one and one‐half percent (1.5%) or the maximum permitted by law to the outstanding balance per month. Credit cards are not accepted; only cash and/or checks are accepted. All returned
checks due to insufficient funds will be subject to a $25.00 check return fee.
3. Default: In the event of default (i.e. non‐payment), customer agrees to pay all costs and attorney fees, including court fees incurred by trispective, LLC in the event legal action is taken to collect
the balance owed.
4. Jurisdiction and Venue: Customer agrees that jurisdiction and venue for any dispute arising out of or related to the services to be performed according to the terms of this invoice, or
in the event that the customer fails to pay for the services performed, shall be brought in the District or Circuit Courts of Ottawa County, Michigan. Customer further agrees that Michigan Law shall
govern all disputes arising out of this matter.
5. Right to Cure: Customer agrees that in the event that customer is unsatisfied with any of the work or services performed by trispective, LLC, customer shall allow trispective, LLC fourteen
(14) days to cure the unsatisfactory work before seeking to have any unsatisfactory work cured by any other person or entity. Failure of the customer to allow trispective, LLC fourteen (14) days to
cure any unsatisfactory work shall be deemed a waiver of any and all claims that customer may have against trispective, LLC arising out of same and customer shall be obligated to pay trispective, LLC
for all work then performed. In the event the customer is unsatisfied with any of the services or work performed by trispective, LLC, customer must give trispective, LLC written notice of the same via
certified mail, return receipt requested, at which time trispective LLC fourteen (14) day cure period will begin.
6. Taxes & Delivery: Customer is responsible for applicable taxes, shipping, and handling, telecommunication surcharges and other charges applicable to the equipment and/or services
provided under the terms and conditions of this invoice. Customer agrees either to pay to trispective, LLC the amount of all applicable taxes (as determined by tax authorities) or to provide evidence of
exemption in advance of the effective date of this invoice. trispective, LLC is not to be accountable for delays in delivery occasioned by acts of God, failure of its suppliers to ship or deliver on time, or
other circumstances beyond trispective, LLC reasonable control.
7. Restock/Return Policy: It is our policy our customers are satisfied with all items purchased from trispective, LLC. All returns are subject up to a 30% restocking fee and require prior
approval. trispective, LLC will not accept returns after 14 days from sales order date. Shipping and Handling charges are not refundable. Keep all packing material and documentation intact in case your
product must be returned. The customer is responsible for shipping returns to our warehouse and all the shipping costs. We ask that shipments to our returns warehouse be sent via UPS, FedEx or
other traceable method so that you may receive a tracking number to be sure the shipment arrives at trispective, LLC.
8. Warranty Policy:
All equipment purchased from trispective, LLC carries a default 30 day warranty, unless otherwise noted. Warranty period begins on the date equipment is shipped. No additional warranty is given on
replacement parts and software, unless covered specifically under a trispective maintenance agreement. See Maintenance Contract(s) section.
1) Equipment damaged by accident, abuse, misuse, or neglect.
2) Equipment that has been altered or modified without authorization by trispective, LLC.
3) Equipment rendered inoperative by fire, flood, lightening, or any ACT OF NATURE/GOD.
4) Equipment must be run on a dedicated and grounded electrical outlet with a surge protector.
‐these cases, you will be charged for the replacement part, shipping and a service call.
9. Privacy Notice: We at trispective, LLC realize that it is the customer that enables us to exist. We are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. Any and all customer information
obtained is collected for the purpose of processing your order and supporting our customer relationship. NO PERSONAL INFORMATION IS SOLD OR OTHERWISE DISTRIBUTED.
10. Contact Information: All inquiries related to the terms and conditions set forth above can be directed to support@3spective.com or toll free at 888.825.2001.